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Historic homes and residences in affluent NYC neighborhoods often have plaster walls and ceilings. When well-maintained, this style of interior surface provides a rustic but clean look, adding to the value of a home or business. Over time, however, plaster can degrade. When this happens, plaster walls and ceilings start to crack, sag, or show other signs of damage.

At New Yorker Painting, we understand the importance of quality plaster maintenance and repairs. We’re an NYC plastering service with over 4 years of experience servicing residential and commercial customers in downtown New York City and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Trusted Wall Plastering Services in NYC

Many property owners feel tempted to try DIY home or business repairs. While it’s understandable to want to save money, repairing wall and ceiling plaster with no experience is risky, and could result in more costly damage than you started with.

Professional plastering services offer the advantage of experience and training, completing complicated jobs in manageable timeframes for affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to restore old crown molding or need to patch up damaged walls, our team at New Yorker Painting is here to help. We offer:

• Wall plastering services
• Painting and plastering ceilings
• Crown molding repair and more

How It Works

Plaster repair, installation, and maintenance can be complex for those who are unfamiliar with the necessary materials and tools. Expert paint and plastering experts like those you’ll hire at New Yorker Painting know all of the tricks of the trade and have a streamlined process that makes even those most challenging plaster projects a breeze.

1.- Safety and Setup

As with all painting, repair, and refinishing projects, our experts at New Yorker Painting begin by safeguarding themselves and other objects in the room from damage. Painter’s tape, drop cloths, and other materials are used for this step. During this initial prep stage, technicians may also clean walls and set up plaster, tools, and paint to make the project flow smoothly.

2.- Damaged Plaster Removal

The first and most critical step in plaster repair is removing damaged or aged plaster. Technicians target areas that have cracked, crumbled, or received water damage

3.- Smoothing, Patching, and Surface Prep

If necessary, technicians may next sand edges or cracks in the plaster to create smooth surfaces. During this stage, our experts will apply thin layers of plaster to cracks with a putty knife.

For holes created by damaged plaster, they’ll repair any damage to the underlying lath, if necessary, and apply a latex bonding agent to the entire area.

4.- Apply Plaster Repair Layers

For larger holes created in plaster walls and other surfaces, our technicians use two layers of plaster to restore integrity to the structure. Most estimates for painting and plastering services include the material cost and wait time necessary for two layers of plaster to set and dry.

5.- Sanding and Painting

After our technicians apply and cure all layers of plaster, the next step involves sanding the surface of the plaster down. This process helps create even surfaces that are ready to receive primer and paint coats. As part of our painting and wall plastering services, our technicians provide expert advice and primer and paint choices, helping you achieve a fantastic finished product that lasts for years.

Depending on your plaster needs or the types of damage that need repairing, other steps may be necessary to achieve a professional finished product. To learn more about the plaster repair and installation process, reach out to our NYC plastering service today

Why Hire New Yorker Painting for Your Wall Plastering Needs?

When it comes to installing or restoring plaster walls and ceilings, it’s best to trust the experts to get the job done. While DIY jobs may seem like opportunities to save money, inexperience could lead to costly mistakes or safety hazards.

Our trained professionals have worked with many types of plaster damage and painting projects, giving us the knowledge to tackle even the most challenging installation and repair jobs in NYC

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Experienced Wall Plasterers in New York City

We’re proud to be able to let our track record speak for us. Our team has over seventeen years of experience providing quality painting and restoration services for residential and commercial property owners in New York City.

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