Deck Staining

Improve Your Deck’s Performance with Skilled Deck Contractors

Is your deck looking weathered? Has the color faded and chipped away? It might be time to have it refinished. Taking on this task on your own might result in lackluster results and amateur mistakes.

New Yorker Painting has a team of skilled craftsmen who provide deck painting and staining services throughout NYC. We’ll make sure your deck is transformed–improving its look while enhancing its durability and longevity.

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What You Get with Our Deck Staining Service

New Yorker Painting doesn’t stop at your deck. Find out what you can improve apart from your deck.

• Railling Staining
• Free Color consultation
• Deck Sealing
• Railing Staining

Our Easy 3-Steps Deck Staining Process

Step 1: Book an appointment for an estimate

Before each project, we conduct a consultation appointment. You can tell us everything you want to do for your deck during this step. You are provided with an estimate of the project afterward.

Step 2: Transform the deck

After you approve the estimate and sign the contract, our team will carry out the deck painting and other services. They use the notes during the consultation to ensure your goal is realized.

Step 3: Enjoy your renewed deck

We inspect the finished deck before inviting you to do the same. Once you’re happy with the results, you can enjoy your renewed deck

The Cost of Refinishing Painted Deck

Although the DIY movement has gotten popular, it’s still best to leave your deck’s makeover to the professionals.

The average cost of staining a deck is $1.50-$4.00 per square foot. That might seem a lot, but consider what else you’re getting with professionals—from specialized tools to best practices. The results you get will be worth the price you pay.

Let New Yorker Painting take on the task of transforming your deck to look new.

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Why Choose New yorker painting for Painting Your Deck and Porch?

We ensure an exceptional customer experience.

New Yorker Painting puts the clients first, ensuring their vision for their deck is carried out accordingly. Our hands-on approach allows you to contact us at any time throughout the process.

We have a team of expert painters.

New Yorker Painting is selective with who we choose to join the team. Each one of our painters is skilled and experienced in refinishing decks. The team works to make your vision a reality

New yorker painting is focused on giving clients what they want in a reasonable timespan. When you hire us to refinish your deck, you get the following:

• Outstanding Customer Service
• Personalized Service
• Highly Skilled Craftsmen

Let New Yorker Painting transform your deck for great outdoor living.