Pop cord ceiling Remove

Pop Cord Ceiling Remove

Popcorn ceiling removal can be a messy chore, and investing in hiring a professional contractor to complete the task may be a valuable option to save time, labor, and materials. From scraping the old texture, to applying the new texture and everything in between, new yorker painting will remove old popcorn and acoustic ceilings to update and modernize your home. Our professional painters take care to mask the floors, apply new texture, scrape up and clean up, leaving your ny area home clean, remodeled, and modern.

Popcorn ceilings started to make an appearance in the 1960s and the popular texture continued to be applied into the ’80s. The plaster texture didn’t require additional paint or added color once applied and was often used to hide imperfections on the drywall ceiling. But over time, the popcorn texture was found to be extremely difficult to keep clean and dust-free and the removal of the texture can turn into a complicated process.

Removing any type of textured or popcorn ceiling is going to be a multi-step process and highlighted below.

The Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Painting Process:

Vent covers and recessed light covers are removed

Fans and attached light fixtures are completely covered to prevent a transfer of dust and debris

The floors and walls are completely covered with plastic drop cloths taking extra care to seal entrances to other rooms to prevent the spread of debris

new yorker painting will determine if the popcorn ceiling texture is water-based or painted. If the texture is water-based, a water-based solution will be applied to the ceiling to soften and dissolve the texture. Painted popcorn ceilings require increased effort that may result in additional repairs to the drywall.

Once the acoustic ceiling is removed, any repairs to the drywall will be made to provide a flat finish.

The ceiling will then be sanded to ensure a perfectly smooth surface, ready for new texture and/or primer.

The painters will then apply yourcolor selection for a complete ceiling transformation.

Once the project is complete, all material will be removed and the area cleaned.

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