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Hardwood floors are long-lasting, and gorgeous. Over time, however, this type of flooring can lose its original beauty, as moisture, dirt, and use wear away protective layers of wax and other sealants.

If your wood floors could use some rejuvenation, our team at New Yorker Painting is here to help. We offer a variety of dependable, affordable interior and exterior improvement options in NYC, including wood floor refinishing services. To learn more about the benefits of wood floor refinishing, keep reading or save time by giving us a call today.

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Restoring Wood Flooring in NYC

While many property owners consider attempting a DIY wood floor refinishing project, it’s best to trust an experienced and talented team of professionals to complete the job. These experts – like those you’ll work with at New Yorker Painting – know the ins and outs of wood floor refinishing, allowing them to encounter unexpected difficulties with ease. This knowledge and skill eliminates the learning curve, saving you time, money, and frustration.

If you’re considering updating the look of your wood floors, don’t go it alone. Restore your hardwood floors to their natural beauty while saving time, stress, and money. Call New Yorker Painting.

How It Works

Restoring classic hardwood floors is a complex process, taking multiple passes to complete. Our trained experts may make quick work of this process, but it takes precision and skill to get the job done right. You can expect NYC wood floor refinishing services to include the steps below.

1.- Removal of Shoe Base Moulding

The first goal of refinishing hardwood floors in NYC is to prepare the floors for sanding, repair, and other treatments. When necessary, New Yorker Painting will remove any shoe base moulding or baseboards to prevent these components from being damaged during the restoration process.

2.- Repairs Creaks, Bends, and Damages

Next, our New Yorker Painting team will repair your hardwood floors, taking care of any creaks or bends that have appeared with age. In areas where the wood shows damage from furniture, pets, or other factors, our team will repair the timber to restore the floor’s integrity.

3.- The First Sanding

Sanding hardwood floors removes old, faded wax layers and helps level any significant dents, dings, or damages to the floor’s surfaces. Experts complete this step in multiple passes, typically using a drum sander fitted with different grits of sandpaper depending on the state of the floor.

4.- Edges And Corners

Next, technicians take a look at your floor’s edges and corners, sanding out any imperfections and preparing the floor for fine-mesh sanding, staining, and finishing.

5.- Dust Cleanup

A critical step many NYC DYI’ers skip during wood sanding is dust and woodshaving cleanup. Sanding generates a large amount of very fine wood particles that, when left untidied, can promote scratching and other issues during additional sanding stages. At New Yorker Painting, our technicians are careful to clean up dust, wood shavings, and other debris at multiple points during the restoration process.

6.- Screen Sanding

For this step, our experts take a commercial-grade floor buffer with a fine-grit screen pad and give your hardwood floor a final pass. This step helps erase minor imperfections in the wood’s surface, creating an even, smooth canvas for the staining and finishing steps. Before beginning those, however, our New Yorker Painting team will perform a final cleanup of any dust and debris.

7.- Staining

One of the most critical steps of refinishing hardwood floors in NYC is staining. This step brings out the highlights and lowlights in the wood’s natural grain, providing vibrant shades on any type of wood, from the sunniest pine to the richest mahogany. New Yorker Painting, our team knows the tricks of the trade, making easy, quick work of this vital step.

8.- Finishing

Finally, our New Yorker Painting technicians will finish and seal your newly restored hardwood floor. Once the stain has set and drained, it’s safe for our team to apply and cure your floor with an oil-based polyurethane finish, sealing in the stain and protecting your floor from spills, dirt, and other factors.

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We’re a professional, dependable NYC-based wood floor restoration service. Property owners can depend on New Yorker Painting for affordable restoration of the oldest, most neglected hardwood floors.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors in NYC

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