Facade Maintenance and Graffiti Cleaning

Cleaning and Removal of Graffiti

Graffiti soils and deteriorates the environment of cities, damaging the image of residential and office buildings, urban furniture, parks, public buildings and commercial premises.

Markers, aerosols and paints used to make graffiti contain chemicals that deteriorate the attacked surfaces. For this reason, it is important to clean the graffiti before a long time passes. Household products are not effective in removing this type of stain, which penetrate the materials leaving a permanent mark unless specialized products and machinery are used.

At New York painting we are experts in cleaning graffiti on all types of surfaces, both the most porous, such as stone or brick, as well as the most delicate, such as metal or glass. We have different methods and products to remove any residue of paint depending on the surface and type of paint used.

Our procedure always begins by identifying the product used to make the graffiti and the damaged material. This preliminary step is essential so as not to cause damage to the surfaces to be cleaned.

One of the most delicate cases is the cleaning of graffiti on glass, due to the sensitivity of the material. The acid of markers and aerosols not only stains the glass but also crosses the most superficial layers, affecting its brightness and transparency. Even in the most serious cases, aggression can include scratches with sharp objects. Our cleaning system achieves a perfect finish by applying restorative treatments that leave the glass as good as new.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Facades

The maintenance of facades is an investment that not only serves to take care of the aesthetics of buildings but also to keep them in good condition and protect them from the effects of the passage of time. The cleaning of building facades extends the useful life of the materials and delays the need for renovation. In addition, if waterproofing treatments for facades are applied after cleaning, the buildings remain in perfect condition for much longer and the frequency of maintenance work is reduced.

Our experts are trained to perform all kinds of cleaning of building facades. They have the most sophisticated products and tools, which allow them to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time and with minimal discomfort for the customer and we achieve a professional and lasting cleaning while protecting the materials against the appearance of moisture and green spots that deteriorate the facades.

Water-repellent treatment consists of the microspray of a state-of-the-art product, insulating and colorless, which prevents direct contact between the treated material and water. This technique is mainly used in porous materials to waterproof them without modifying their appearance, so it is widely used after cleaning stone facades, the most sensitive to the appearance of moisture stains.

Within our cleaning and maintenance services, we also paint facades on surfaces suitable for this type of treatment. The application of the paint can be done on the entire surface or only in areas that have cracks or chips. We carry out painting work on facades, homes, industrial painting and decorative painting.

Our cleaning and renovation work returns all its splendor and beauty to the facades, whatever their kind. Glass, stone, metal, brick, marble… are sanitized and free of any dirt, pollution or graffiti with the specific technique that each material requires.